Trainee Program

Julia Tze, Riley Bevilacqua, Audrey Burdick, Lily Sargent

Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program is a 2-year commitment for dancers who are preparing for a professional dance career. The goal of this program is to create working professionals and perfect their ballet training.

Daily Activities

Trainees’ daily activities include company class, company rehearsals during the early part of the day as well as advanced professional ballet technique, pointe, and variation classes with the Pre-Professional Division on the school.


We hold open auditions once a year for dancers 18 to 22 years of age with a solid background in classical ballet training. For information on auditioning for our Trainee Program, please visit the informational page located here.


Trainee Program’s tuition is purposely kept reasonable with the intent of facilitating accessibility for a broad range of dancers. We are fully aware of the necessity for trainees to work to cover their expenses while attending the program and that paying tuition on top of their expenses can be tough. Trainees pay $600.00 per month, from August to June, for a total of $6,000.00 per year.

Room and Board

Housing is available upon request. Please email for more information.


Trainees are evaluated twice each year by Cleveland Ballet artistic staff to receive detailed feedback on their progress. Trainees who successfully graduate from the program receive individual career advice, assistance, and counseling towards a career in dance and professional performance. Graduating trainees are seriously considered for apprenticeship positions in Cleveland Ballet as they become available, though such positions are not guaranteed.

For more information regarding acceptance into the trainee program email

Trainee Images by Kaela Ku, Cleveland Ballet