School of Cleveland Ballet’s 2022-2023 Trainee Program Auditions

Program Dates: The trainee program runs for 40 weeks. The 2022-2023 dates are August 22nd-December 18th (17 weeks) and January 3rd-June 10th (23 weeks) but are subject to change. In addition, if accepted to the program trainees are required to attend the summer intensive. Partial scholarships will be given for the summer intensive.

Tuition: $600 per month, totaling $6,000 for the year (August-June)

Housing: Housing is available and will be provided upon request. Please email after acceptance to learn more. Housing is not included in the tuition price.

Audition Fee: Due to the turbulent times, the School of Cleveland Ballet understands the financial burden and will not be collecting audition fees this year.

Audition Requirements:
  • ○ Resume/CV
  • ○ Ballet photographs
    • ■ Headshot
    • ■ First arabesque (en pointe if applicable)
    • ■ Tendu à la seconde en face (in pointe shoes if applicable)
    • ■ Two images in the fifth position TAKEN FROM THE SIDE (camera should be in front and dancer should be facing a side wall so the side profile is visible): one on flat and one on relevé for men or en pointe for women
  • ○ Video of class (see requirements below)

All audition materials should be emailed to no later than March 31st, 2022. Results will be released 2-4 weeks after submission.

All classes will be following CDC guidelines and therefore space in the program is limited. We suggest sending your audition materials as soon as possible to secure your spot in the program pending acceptance.

Video Requirements
  • ○ Videos may be submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • ○ Videos must be CURRENT and filmed this audition season.
  • ○ Women should wear a simple leotard and pink tights. Men should wear tights and a snug-fitting shirt. Flat shoes should be worn for barre, and pointe shoes should be worn by women for the center if age and ability allow. If your location requires a mask that is acceptable to be worn as well.
  • ○ We understand that current spatial restrictions may not allow for some of the steps below to be completed. Modifications may be made if necessary, but please complete the requirements to the best of your ability.
  • ○ Exercises must be done on both sides and include the following elements below:
    • ■ Barre Work
      • • Plié
      • • Tendu
      • • Dégagé
      • • Rond de jambe (à terre & en l’air)
      • • Fondu
      • • Développé
      • • Frappé
      • • Grand battement
    • ■ Center work (women should complete en pointe if age and ability allows)
      • • Tendu
      • • Adagio
      • • Pirouettes (fifth position, fourth position en dehors and en dedan)
      • • Waltz
      • • Petit allegro (sauté, jeté)
      • • Grand allegro (assemblé, saut de chat)
      • • Pique turns for women
      • • Entrechat six and tours en l’air for men
    • ■ Classical variation of your choice (women should complete en pointe if age and ability allows)
Program Information

For more information on our Trainee Program, please click here.