The School

School of Cleveland Ballet offers a complete curriculum for the future of a professional ballet dancer. It meets the students’ needs. School of Cleveland Ballet offers a comprehensive set of courses designed with the purpose of pushing students in order to develop their abilities, talents and desires to the highest level. The syllabus, developed and taught by all of the teachers, ensures consistency of education at all the levels.

History reveals that there has never been a great dance company without a great ballet or dance school. The student is the vital element in the training of artists. It is for this reason that School of Cleveland Ballet is dedicated to reach deeply into the hearts of today’s youth to make a profound effect upon their lives. The School of Cleveland Ballet is committed to being part of today’s cultural scene in America through the art of dance, music and most important, the dance student!

School of Cleveland Ballet is devoted to inspiring its students – providing high quality instruction, safe training and a solid dance syllabus. The core faculty is a group of high caliber teachers, professionals and accompanists experienced to teach the technique of dance and its related arts to children. Many teachers are Cleveland Ballet artists.

We are committed to train aspiring young artists of the highest competence and to bring a vital art form to the community. In achieving this goal, the philosophy of School of Cleveland Ballet is to enhance all aspects of a child’s life, by reaping the rewards of dedication, desire and discipline, as they become successful young adults.

School of Cleveland Ballet has partnered with local schools and arts and cultural organizations to provide community performances, outreach, and educational programming. Goal: Build diverse audiences for ballet across age, ethnicity and economic level. Secondarily we hope to diversify school enrollment.